Quiz App with Backend and Frontend

Quiz allows you to test your knowledge with multiple questions and categories.
Quiz is designed for Android and Web.
Categories and questions are added from Webadmin/Backend and it is shown in the Android app and Frontend.
The information added to the web administration where you can also send notifications to users who use the Android application.
To make it works correctly follow the next steps:
1. Create a project in Google Firebase and download the file "google-services.json" and the  “server key”.
2. Install and configure the Web Administration on your shared server hosting or VPS.
3. Create the Android application for the Android Studio project.

Backend and Frontend website

1. Linux server.
2. Apache2 server has mod_rewrite enabled.
3. Php version 5.5 or higher with GD support.
4. Mysql database.
1. Built with Codeigniter web framework.
2. Responsive Web Design based on BootStrap.
3. Sending Firebase notifications.
4. User roles: admin and author.

Android application

1. Android Studio version 3.4.2
2. Firebase Account.
1. Android Native App (Java language).
2. AdMob banner.
3. Share social network.
4. Push Notifications with Firebase.
5. Privacy Policy.
6. Terms & Conditions.
7. About Us.