SOS Call – Emergency Numbers - Android Studio - Web Admin

SOS Call – Emergency Numbers

This application will allow you to make calls from your mobile phone to emergency phone numbers of firefighters, hospitals, etc. and from several countries and send text messages (SMS). The information added to the web administration where you can also send notifications to users who use the Android application.
To make it works correctly follow the next steps:
1. Create a project in Google Firebase and download the file "google-services.json" and the  “server key”.
2. Install and configure the Web Administration on your shared server hosting or VPS.
3. Create the Android application for the Android Studio project.

Web administration

1. Linux server.
2. Php version 5.5 or higher.
3. Mysql database.
1. Top most visited Countries and Categories.
2. Sections to add countries, categories and telephone numbers.
3. Sending Firebase notifications.
4. Responsive Web Design, based on BootStrap.

Android app

1. Android Studio version 3.1
2. Android SDK.
1. Android Native App.
2. You can make personalized calls from the application.
3. Send text messages (SMS).
4. Working in Online/Offline Mode.
5. AdMob banner and Interstitial.
6. Favorites list.
7. Share social networking button.
8. Rate button.
9. Privacy policy button.